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The Spanish mackerel. #theyasuexperience (at YASU)

The exceptional Yasu sushi experience—complete with my first sampling of sparkling sake (apparently a new sake trend in Japan and totally delightful). (at YASU)

"It’s just as when one has been trying to spell out a book in the twilight, and suddenly the lamp comes in…now that I can read it properly I see that it’s a delightful story." -Henry James (our wedding orders of service / 9.29.2012) πŸ’š

September 29, 2012. The most magical day in Mayfair, London. Happy anniversary to my handsome husband, @the_casual_observer! The adventure continues…πŸ’šπŸŒ΄

The dreamiest second-anniversary flowers from my husband—amazingly reminiscent of our wedding flowers, except our hydrangeas were a bright green! The upside of being off-island and apart on our anniversary is being surprised with a bouquet like this—a small luxury that simply wouldn’t be possible on Tortola. πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

Rooftop fresh cucumber margarita in mega-goblet on spectacular early fall evening. (at Milagro)

It is so damn nice out even a good bookstore can’t keep me inside for more than a minute. (at Type Books)


Friday night izakaya (post-Jay game) with my Nipponophile brother. My first izakaya ever! (at DonDon Izakaya)

It’s happening.🍁#fallispuremagic

Almost downtown Toronto. My hometown (along with my home neighbourhood) is chronically under-recognized—but I kind of like it that way. (at Humber River)

Wearing my John Olerud jersey for the first time since 1993. (The things I do to placate my big brother—though I still contend Olerud was the dreamiest in the game.) #wemissyoudad (at Rogers Centre)

We’re in it until we’re mathematically eliminated. #gojaysgo ⚾️🍁 (at Rogers Centre)

It will always be world’s tallest to me.🍁 (at CN Tower / La Tour CN)

Dear @mulberry_editor, thank you for the wonderful repair work on my beloved old Bayswater—it feels like new (but more broken-in and beautiful…)!

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