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Light breeze and a few chapters. (at Deadman’s Bay, Peter Island, British Virgin Islands)

Down this friend fast before it melts! It’s a scorching October down here.🔥 (at Peter Island Resort - British Virgin Islands)

Saturday afternoon espionage. (at Ballast Bay)

There are hidden pockets of sweetness on this island. (at Road Town, Virgin Islands)

"Ahhh. You’re wearing your breastplate again tonight." -my husband

The Dove opening for the season means Tortola is officially re-opened for business. #thedreamiest (at The Dove)

It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood. ☀️🌺 (at Ballast Bay)

The season of best sunsets has begun. (at Ballast Bay)

The hurricane ALL CLEAR was issued this morning. What a harrowing night! (at Ballast Bay)

When a hurricane is howling at your door, you call in the big guns. #donnatartt

As Hurricane Gonzalo bears down on us (💨), our antique barograph is up and running so we can keep a handle on the situation. The coolest wedding gift ever for newlyweds moving to a tropical isle. (at Ballast Bay)

Here comes Hurricane Gonzalo. It will no doubt be a jigsaw-puzzle-by-candlelight extravaganza for us tonight. (at Tortola, British Virgin Islands)

Calm before Tropical Storm Gonzalo. (at Cane Garden Bay, Tortola)

McCann is a true master: “If your life doesn’t flash in front of your eyes, old boy, does that mean you’ve had no life at all?” / “One goes up in a plane knowing, sometimes, that not all of you is going to come down.” / “The old days, they arrive back in the oddest ways, suddenly taut, breaking the surface, a salmon leap.” / “What was life anyway? An accumulation of small shelves of incident. Stacked at odd angles to each other.” / “The world does not turn without moments of grace. Who cares how small.”

Here comes Keanu. (at Bomba’s Surf Side Shack)

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