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We haven’t properly returned until…we’ve had the best curry on Planet Earth. (And the only place where my name actually carries weight!) #zayna #nocurrycancompete (at Zayna)

Waving hello to my first London flat—oh dear Lord, how I loved this place! #nostalgiawalk (at Manchester Street)

Westminster, might I commend you on your good use of council tax £. The W1 hanging flower baskets are borderline ridiculous right now. (at Manchester Square)

I am totally comfortable with how totally boring I am. The French Sole stock up. #quiltedneutralflatsorbust (at Marylebone Lane)

Behold this spectacularly wonderful place. @dauntbooks (at Daunt Books)

If I’m not out in a few hours…please don’t come and find me. #myversionofparadise @dauntbooks (at Daunt Books)

Can’t beat London lunches. Island life leaves me starved for the quaint, charming and (gourmet) delicious. (at Souli)

A personalized apology e-mail for a temporary disruption in Tube service on the Bakerloo line? London Underground, way to step up your game…

A very Ciao Bella @the_casual_observer birthday. I still do not comprehend how the calzone actually fits into a human stomach. (at Ciao Bella Restaurant)

Please keep off the grass. (at Lincoln’s Inn)

Happy birthday to my handsome husband, @the_casual_observer—who I am thrilled has joined us on Instagram! (Shown here snapping a shot of our beloved old local. How cute is he?) (at The Barley Mow)

Oh old London ‘hood, how I have missed you! (at Titania’s Garden)

London essentials. Delighted to be heading back! 🇬🇧 ✈️

Hmmm. But I suppose “summer beach reads” have never been my cup of tea.

@brooksbrothers has hit the ball out of the park with its new Toronto flagship—gorgeous store capped off with outstanding service (special shout out to Kevin). #thebrothersdoitbest (at Brooks Brothers)

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