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Airing rugs reinforcing my *slight* penchant for stripes.

His truck runneth over. #islandlife (at Apple Bay)

Meanwhile, 1500 miles ESE of Barbados, tropical storm force winds gather strength and are apparently heading straight for us…(!) (at Ballast Bay)

Town, looking unusually festive for next week’s Emancipation Festival. (at Road Town, Virgin Islands)

One of the very few civilized weekend brunches on-island. (at Frenchman’s Cay)

Post-run banana pit-stop. Bought a bunch; promptly devoured three. (at Carrot Bay)

No matter how rough or steep or hot or daunting—the road is always open. @nikerunning (at West End, Tortola)

Saturday morning off-road six-miler. (at Belmont Estate)

The sweet spice shop in town. (at Sunny Caribbee)

End-of-run reward. (at Long Bay)

She’s back! And she brought a friend! Interpreting this as a sign of a good week ahead. #leprechaunwatch #islandmonday (at Ballast Bay)

Bloody Caesar station now open for business, featuring local limes and homegrown celery.

Fresh lobster—come and get it! #islandlife (at D’coalpot)

The last thing I expected to stumble upon today on this island was this Remington Portable beauty. #swooningforoldtypewriters

An array of mangos at The Fifth Annual Mango Array and Tropical Fruit Festival. (at Road Town, Virgin Islands)

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